We Know the Ins and Outs of T-Shirt Printing

Individuals often get t-shirt printing from our team because we’re experienced, trained, and dedicated. Our experts will make your designs come to life. We have been in the business for several years, so we know all of the popular printing techniques.

If you have specific printing instructions that you’d like us to follow, we will follow these to a T to ensure the printing process goes just how you want. This is part of our commitment to delivering the first-rate service consistently, as accommodating clients is always priority number one. If you need us to design, edit, and/or prepare your work for printing, we can help. Here are some of the popular printing services we deliver.

We Can Execute Screen Printing

Screen printing is what we deliver most often, and this printing method has been around for a long time. These days, screen printing can be done by hand or mechanically. Screen printing ink is thicker than the ink used in other t-shirt printing methods, and because of this thickness, it can last longer and produce spectacularly vibrant colors. Low-quality ink and screen printing don’t go together. Screen printing is usually best for large orders, and one will need to consider design size, ink quality, squeegee pressure, stroke amount, and mesh count before printing. A single gallon of t-shirt printing ink could cover 200 to 500 t-shirts.

When DTG Printing Is Sought

Reach out to us if you need direct to garment printing (DTG). Inkjet technology is employed here, and it delivers high-quality, full-color print directly on the t-shirt. If your artwork is very complex and other printing techniques aren’t able to transfer it, this is when DTG printing will probably be used. DTG printing technology can translate the finest details, and this method is usually pursued by those who have only a few shirts to print on. DTG printing is also a less demanding process than screen printing.

What Is Heat-Transfer Printing?

We can also execute heat transfer printing. Here, a piece of transfer paper will be put over the garment and then it’ll be heat-pressed into the garment so the custom graphics are permanently imprinted. The graphic is first printed on the heat transfer paper using a special ink, and this ink is what allows the design to transfer over from the paper to the t-shirt when heat is employed.

This printing method is good for all materials and fabrics, and it doesn’t create a lot of mess. And with this, you don’t have to worry about rug dye running, as once the graphics have been imprinted, they’re not going anywhere.

Deciding Which Printing Method Is Best

If you’re not sure which printing method will be best for your job, our experts will be happy to help. Since we know the ins and outs of all the popular printing methods, we’ll be able to know immediately which method will be best for you.